Online Public Election to Select Name for Virtual Assistant


Charleston, W.Va – On Monday, WV Secretary of State Mac Warner announced that the office is asking the general public to participate in selecting the name for the new artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant that will make it even easier to open a new business in West Virginia.

Warner said that his Business & Licensing staff has been working for more than a year to develop the virtual assistant. This virtual assistant is an easily accessible and advanced customer service tool that helps answer questions about forming or starting a new company in West Virginia. The WVSOS staff worked in close collaboration with IBM's Watson team on product design, programming, and launch.

Though initially limited in scope to LLC formation, Warner said that his office is already planning to expand the capabilities of the virtual assistant to include all of the functions available in the Secretary of State's Office. The virtual assistant is designed to provide current, accurate, and relevant information to assist entrepreneurs, business owners, and customers of the WVSOS Business & Licensing Division at whatever time is convenient for the user.

"The virtual assistant will become an integral part of our office’s efforts to enhance and expand our customer service capabilities," Warner said. "But we first need to name our virtual assistant. That's where we are asking for the public’s help."

Hello, My Name Is...

To cast your vote on the name of our new virtual assistant, visit our website.

Secretary Warner said the public can cast their vote from a list of five proposed chatbot names through his office’s website on the Business & Licensing Division’s landing page.

"We hope everyone will take just a minute to go online and vote for their favorite name. Share the link with your colleagues, coworkers and friends." Warner said. “The virtual assistant is just one more way for our office to provide excellent customer service. We remain available to help in person at any of our offices, and are happy to help anyone who calls us at 304-558-8000.”

Voting started on Monday and will run until 5:00 pm on March 31st.

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Landon Palmer - Assistant Communications Director