Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Basics

Lenders protect financial interests through UCC filings on:

  • consumer goods

  • commercial equipment

  • farm equipment and products

  • fixtures

  • public-finance transactions

  • manufactured homes

  • timber to be cut and as-extracted minerals.

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Secured transactions not covered by UCC filings

Real estate transactions relating to land, in-ground mineral rights, houses and commercial buildings are not covered by standard UCC filings. These are filed as real estate transactions with the Clerk of the County Commission in the county where the property is located. These include:

  • Real estate mortgages

  • Other liens against real estate.

However, some "real-estate related" transactions may be subject to UCC filings, such as:

  • Minerals as they are extracted

  • Timber to be cut

  • Fixtures which may become part of the real estate after installation.

The following property required to have a certificate of title under West Virginia Code §17A-3-2 are not subject to UCC filings:

  • Highway vehicles

  • All-terrain vehicles

  • Motorboats

Liens against these vehicles are filed as part of the title with the Division of Motor Vehicles.

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