Applying for Commissioner for West Virginia

The Secretary of State may appoint a qualified person residing within or without this state and within the United States, its territories, or possessions as a commissioner to acknowledge signatures performed in or out of this state by persons residing in or out of the state of West Virginia covering deeds, leases, and other writings pertaining to West Virginia property for recordation in the state of West Virginia.

See West Virginia Code §39-4A (Senate Bill 669) for the entire text of the law.


To be qualified for an appointment, a person:

  • Must be commissioned as a notary public pursuant to §39-4-20 of the West Virginia Code. See the complete list of notary public eligibility requirements.

  • Note: One of the requirements of the notary public law requires that the person must be a resident of West Virginia, or a resident of another state who works at an office address within West Virginia.

Before You Apply

The application process for commissioners involves several steps. It is not possible to appoint commissioners in just a few days, so please allow time before planning to begin performing notarial acts as a commissioner. Before you apply, check to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements. When your current appointment is due to expire, apply early so there will be no break between your old and new appointments.

Application Steps

The applicant must complete the following steps before a person can lawfully begin to perform acts as a commissioner for West Virginia.

Wait to receive your appointment letter and check your seal for accuracy. Your appointment letter will provide the exact information you need on your seal. Check to ensure your Name, City, and State information are correct as they appear on your Official Seal. If any corrections are needed please contact the Notary Division at (304) 558-8000. You must have your stamp made with the information provided in the appointment letter. View an example of a commissioner appointment letter.

Contact the Notary Division for further assistance regarding Commissioners for West Virginia.​​

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