Proposed Rules

The table below contains rules that have been proposed and are currently involved in the rule-making process. The status of a rule will change as it progresses. Upon completion of all required steps, they will become an official part of the Code of State Rules.

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Rules out for Public Comment

When an agency proposes a new rule or amends an existing rule, it must be made available to the public for written comments, public hearing or both.

All comments go directly to the Agency proposing the rule.

Detailed information is available on the form filed with the rule.

Agency Appr​​oved Rules

After the comment period is closed, the agency may modify the proposed rule based on the comments received.

The rule is filed with the Legislative Rule Making Review Committee (LRMRC) or the Legislative Oversight Commission on Education Accountability (LOCEA) along with copies of the comments and the agency’s response to them.

If LRMRC or LOCEA recommends no changes to the rule, this is the version that will be presented during the Legislative session.​​

Modified Rules

When LRMRC or LOCEA recommends changes to the rule, the agency makes them and files it again as a Modified Rule.

This becomes the version that will be presented during the Legislative session.

Emergency Rules

When a legislative rule is needed before it can complete the normal rule-making process and all statutory requirements are met, an emergency filing can be made.

Emergency is not a stand-alone rule type. It is a condition of a legislative rule that allows the needed changes to be in effect while going through the rule-making process.

An Emergency Rule can remain valid for up to 15 months or until the legislative rule becomes effective.​


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