About SOLO

SOLO is the name we've given to our artificial intelligence-​​supported virtual assistant designed to provide current, accurate, and applicable information to assist entrepreneurs, business owners, and customers ​of the WV Secretary of State’s Business & Licensing Division. Assistance and guidance is now available at whatever time is most convenient for the user.

SOLO, short for Single Online Location, is an online complement to our WV One Stop Business Center initiative. SOLO works with our WV One Stop Business Portal to combine online registration services with an interactive virtual assistant to help you navigate the process step-by-step. With 24/7 access, our online business services allow entrepreneurs to work on their own time from the comfort of their own home.

SOLO graphic

The inspiration for the name SOLO also takes influence from the aviation community and the significance of the solo flight. For new pilots in training, your first flight without an instructor in the cockpit is a significant milestone known as ‘soloing’. While the SOLO virtual assistant does not replace the services that our professional staff provides, we envision the tool as a virtual copilot available to help you navigate your state government on your own if you choose.

SOLO is an integral part of our office’s efforts to enhance and expand our customer service capabilities. While limited to questions relating to LLC formation for now, SOLO will soon expand to answer questions related to all other types of business entity registrations, as well as other WVSOS services such as professional licensure and elections. In time, SOLO will grow into a singular source of knowledge for all information related to WV Secretary of State services.

Find the SOLO icon at the bottom-right corner throughout much of our website​.​