Purchasers of Future Payments

West Virginia Code Chapter 46A Article 6H requires registration through Secretary of State for persons or companies that conduct the business of buying the rights of individuals to future payments from an annuity, settlement, lottery winnings, sweepstakes payoff or other future payment arrangement. The person or company who purchases these payment rights becomes the "transferee."

FEE: $50.00*

*Fee is in addition to the initial business registration fee.

To register, follow these steps: (If your company is already registered with Secretary of State, skip to Step 2).

  1. Complete the business registration for your entity type, if you have not already done so. See:
  2. File a Registration of Purchasers of Future Payments statement (Form PFP) with the Secretary of State.

For further assistance registering as a Purchaser of Future Payments, contact the Business Division.​​​​​

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