Warner Secures Agreement with States to Help Prevent Voter Fraud


Charleston, W.Va. – WV Secretary of State Mac Warner has announced data-sharing partnerships with several key states to assist with efforts to prevent and identify election fraud, adding to his Office’s success in increasing confidence in elections and securing the election process and results.

Secretary Warner has secured data-sharing agreements with Ohio, Virginia, and Florida, and is nearing an agreement with Tennessee. The agreements set forth general terms to securely share data between states for the purpose of preventing and identifying fraud and form a foundation for future state partnerships ahead of and after the 2024 election cycle.

“These agreements allow our states to continue our critical work of identifying and deterring fraud in our own backyards with secure, uniform processes that work best for West Virginia,” said Secretary Warner. “West Virginia maintains its national leadership in election security, and we look forward to more states in our region and across the nation joining us in data sharing that is free of partisanship and outside influence.”

Based on efforts from 2017 through early 2023, West Virginia’s surrounding states make up the majority of identified duplicate registrations. The states that have signed agreements account for nearly 50% of all abandoned registrations since 2017. This regional foundation forms the beginning of onboarding other states interested in identifying and prosecuting fraud.

“By using technology and leveraging our exceptional local assets, West Virginians can have confidence that our election officials are securing the integrity of our state and national elections,” Secretary Warner continued. “I am looking forward to working with other states in the region and across the country to continue our fight against election fraud.”

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Mike Queen - Deputy Chief of Staff & Director of Communications