Division of Highways Rules for the Placement of Political Signs

Please keep the following rules in mind when displaying campaign materials:

  • Signs or posters cannot be placed on or above a Division of Highways right of way. Contact the West Virginia Division of Highways if you are uncertain.

  • Signs or posters near rights of way must comply with outdoor advertising statute in Chapter 17, Article 19, Section 1 of the West Virginia Code, and must also conform to any municipal ordinances regulating outdoor advertising.

  • Signs or posters cannot be placed on Division of Highways traffic control signs nor block such signs, and cannot obscure the view of any connecting road or intersection.

  • Signs or posters cannot be placed on elements in nature, such as rocks or trees.

  • Avoid placing materials on fence posts, utility poles, or other stationary objects on private property without consent of the property owners.

  • Political overhead banners cannot be erected over any county, state, or federal highway.

DOH Communications Main Line: 304-558-2822 | www.transportation.wv.gov

If we may be of any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us:  304.558.6000   toll free 866.767.8683  email:   Elections@wvsos.gov