Applying for a Combined Individual Private Investigator and Security Guard License

An individual who is qualified for a private investigator license is automatically qualified for a security guard license.

Follow these steps:

  1. Complete the application steps set forth in Applying for an Individual Private Investigator License. All of the required documentation is the same as for an individual private investigator license. See Step #3 below for the correct fees.

  2. Specify in a cover letter that you are applying for a combined individual private investigator and security guard license.

  3. Pay the appropriate fee, depending on whether you are a resident of West Virginia or of another state.


Type of License West Virginia Resident Out-of-State Resident
Private investigator license: $100 $100
Security guard license: $100 $100
Non-refundable application processing fee: $  50 $  50
Total Fee: $250 $250

Contact the Licensing Division for further assistance regarding Private Investigator and/or Security Guard licensing.

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