Applying for Combined Firm Private Investigation and Security Guard License

An individual who is qualified for a private investigator license is automatically qualified for a security guard license. That qualifying agent can therefore apply for a combined private investigative and security guard firm.

Follow these steps:

  1. Complete the application steps set forth in Applying for a Private Investigation Firm license. All of the required documentation for the qualifying agent is the same as for an individual private investigator license. A person who is qualified only as a security guard cannot serve as the qualifying agent for a combined investigative and security guard firm license. See Step #3 below for the correct fees.

  2. Specify in a cover letter that you are applying for a combined private investigative and security guard license.

  3. Pay the appropriate fee, depending on whether your firm is a West Virginia company or an out-of-state company.


Type of License West Virginia Company Out-of-State Company
Private investigator license: $200 $200
Security guard license: $200 $200
Non-refundable application processing fee: $  50 $  50
Total Fee: $450 $450

Contact the Licensing Division for further assistance regarding Private Investigator and/or Security Guard licensing.

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