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 Online Meeting Notices

Filing your meeting notice online is a fast and efficient way to make your meeting information available to the Public. In order to avoid the need for future amendments, it is reccommended that notices not be filed more than one year in advance of the meeting.  To add a new meeting notice, click on ADD MEETING NOTICE.

To be compliant with the Open Governmental Proceedings Act, WV Code §6-9A, a notice must be approved and listed on the online meeting notice database for 5 business days.  To calculate a compliant date, count the day the notice is submitted as day 1, if it is submitted during daily office hours.  The day of the meeting, weekends and holidays cannot be counted. 


To view a list of the current, future or historical meetings click on CURRENT MEETINGS.
Meetings notices will be retained and will be searchable for ten years. 

To cancel or amend a submitted meeting notice, contact the Administrative Law Division.

For additional helpful hints, please see recommended Best Practices for filing a meeting notice.


For more information see Frequently Asked Questions or prior Ethics' Opinions at Open Meetings Opinions.

Meetings of Public Bodies

All public governing bodies are required to hold open meetings, giving the public the chance to be present to observe and participate in meetings. The West Virginia Open Governmental Proceedings Act sets the standards for those meetings. That Act covers state, county and municipal governing bodies, and most public corporations created by the Legislature to manage projects in the public interest. Private entities such as profit or non-profit corporations and other business entities are normally not covered by the Act. See the About West Virginia Open Meetings Law for more information.

Notice of Meetings

Every public agency covered by the Open Governmental Proceedings Act is required to give notice of meetings. However, only state agencies, boards and commissions subject to the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) are required to file meeting notices for publication online. County and municipal bodies and others not covered by the APA set their own policy about giving notice, but the notice must meet the standards set by the Open Governmental Proceedings Act. To learn more about open meetings, please go to the About Open Meetings page.