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 Searchable Databases & Online Services

  • Online database of Apsostilles and Certificates of Authenticity.
  • The Corporations database was originally created from paper records and microfilm in 1985.  At that time, only corporations, limited partnerships, business trusts and voluntary associations filed with the Secretary of State.  The mainframe database was designed around the data needed for those company types.
  • Using the Business Statistics Database (BSD), you can compare the number of new business formations in every county in West Virginia. You can also see how counties and municipalities compare to each other.
  • A Charity search allows you to search our database to determine if a company is a registered charity within the state of WV.
  • View a rating of charities based on the amount of money that was disbursed for charitable purposes.
  • View a rating of charities based on the amount of money that was disbursed for charitable purposes in West Virginia.
  • This search will allow you to verify the authenticity of an SOS document by entering the document code found on the bottom of the page. It will indicate “Document Code: _____”.  This is a new service provided by the SOS office and only applies to a limited set of new documents. We are working diligently to expand this service to all of our documents for the public.
  • Search records in the Executive Journal
  • The Secretary of State’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Database is required by W.Va. State Code §§29B-1-3(f) and 29B-1-3a(a).
  • Business4WV.com is your online portal to state business services in West Virginia. Here you can:
    • Register your business or organiztion in West Virginia
    • File changes to your business or organization (addresses, officers, agent for service of process)
    • Register a Trade Name (DBA)
    • Terminate/Cancel your business or organiztion (LLC or LP only)
  • This system will enable you to submit UCC financing statements to the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office. The system will also enable you to search the UCC database, order certified and noncertified searches and download documents directly to your computer.
  • Here you can order a Certificate of Existence/Authorization. You will be able to pay online and print the certificate once payment is authorized.
  • The individual data online service allows you to build and customize lists of businesses registered with the WV Secretary of State's Office.
    You may also request bulk data, which will allow authorized monthly account holders to download bulk business entity and UCC data on file with the WV Secretary of State's Office.
  • Information and forms on registering for UCC or Business Bulk Data.
  • Search of Service Of Process
  • Search the our online database of registered Trademarks.