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 Secretary Warner Discusses Process to Restore Voting Rights for Felons


Secretary of State Mac Warner would like to educate the people of West Virginia on the procedure for restoring voting rights for convicted felons. He wants to use the first anniversary date of the “Second Chance for Employment Act” as a reminder to everyone of how to benefit from the process.


One year ago today, a law took effect which allowed non-violent felons to petition a court to have their convictions reduced to misdemeanors under certain circumstances. Once complete, these felons can more easily reintegrate in society without the stigma of a felony conviction.


“A common misconception in West Virginia is that felons automatically lose their right to vote forever. That is simply not true,” said Secretary Warner.


For a felon to restore their voting rights, they must have completed their full sentence, including any probation or parole. Once they have completely satisfied that requirement, they may reregister with their county clerk.


West Virginians that believe they are eligible to have their voting rights restored, may check the status of their current voter registration or re-register to vote at


If you have a question about this process, you may contact the WV Secretary of State’s Elections Division at (304) 558-6000.


Link: WV Online Voter Registration


Mike Queen - Deputy Chief of Staff and Communications Director
(304) 368-6339