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 Boards and Commissions

New Appointments Database -- A Work in Progress

The Secretary of State and State Senate have been jointly working toward development of a comprehensive database of boards and commissions and their members.

Previously, the record of appointments of officials and members of boards and commissions contained only basic information relating to the appointee and the name of the board.  In order to provide detailed information about each board and its membership, the joint effort is building a database which will serve as a comprehensive information source.  As more information is added, for each board you will be able to find for each board a description of its purpose, the source authority and citations to the West Virginia Code or other authority, contact information, membership qualifications, terms, restrictions, compensation, and other details.  In addition, current membership and member information will also be available.

A smaller database is currently maintained and used by staff to provide information about board membership on request.  Occasionally, the Governor will announce a new appointment before the official document is filed with the Secretary of State.  All new appointments are entered in the database within a short time after they are filed.

Obtaining Information on Boards & Members

Lists of licensing boards, other boards and commission, and executive positions are now provided in web format to help you identify the names of current boards and commissions.

For detailed information or information about members, use the Executive Records Help Line to inquire by email.

When the new database is ready in the next few months, it will contain information on over 200 boards and commissions and executive positions appointed by the Governor.  You will be able to the search for detailed information by name of board, category, and member name.

  To see a list of licensing boards in web format, click the icon.    Click to see licensing boards in Web format
  To see a list of other boards and commissions in web format, click the icon.    Click to see other boards and commissions in Web format  
  To see a list of appointed executive positions in web format, click the icon.    Click to see appointed executive positions in Web format

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