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 Records Filed With Other Government Agencies


On this page, the most frequently requested records which are not kept by the Secretary of State are listed, with a link to the agency which does keep those records.  Please feel free to ask for more links! 

Send your request for additional information sources in West Virginia state government to -- be sure to specify the category of information you are seeking and we will try to add a link.

Records of People

  Births & Deaths Bureau of Vital Statistics  
  Marriages County Clerk of county where marriage celebrated  
  Genealogical Histories Division of Archives and History  
  State Employees State Employee Phone Book  

Records of businesses

  Sole Proprietorships & Partnerships State Tax Department
Information available to owners; not available to public
  Licensed Contractors Department of Labor  
  Businesses with Liquor & Beer Licenses Alcohol Beverage Control Administration  
  Collection Agencies State Tax Department  

Records of Public Official Filings

  Lobbyists WV Ethics Commission   
  Financial Disclosure of Public Officials & Candidates WV Ethics Commission  

Records of Property & Property Tax Assessments

  Vehicle Titles Division of Motor Vehicles  
  Public Utility Property State Tax Department (Property Tax)  
  Real Property County Assessors  
  Unclaimed Property State Treasurer  

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