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 Public Service Districts

About PSDs

Public service districts or "PSDs" are public corporations established by county commissions with approval of the West Virginia Public Service Commission.  These local entities manage the development and maintenance of water, sewage and gas systems covering areas specified by the county commission.  They were authorized by the Legislature to help extend services to rural areas and allow municipal water and sewage systems to become more efficient by sharing services and resources with surrounding areas.

Lists of Districts and Members

West Virginia law required each county commission to file annually a list of the names of the public service districts within their respective counties, and names of the current members of each PSD board with the Secretary of State.  The filing is due no later than July 1 of each year.

PSD List by County

The list of names of public service districts currently available includes PSDs filed in previous years or updated this year.  Members names are not included in the data, but are available for public inspection or copying on the original filings. 


Click the icon to view the listing of public service district names arranged by county in Acrobat Reader format.  For help with the Reader, go to Acrobat Reader Help.    Click here for a listing of public service district names arranged by county


Related Laws

The requirement for this filings is specified in West Virginia Code.  Some sections related to the authority to administer oaths are also included here.  To search other parts of the Code, visit the Legislature's web site and select WV Code.

Requesting Information and Copies of County Lists of PSDs

These documents are public information and copies may be ordered.  To order a copy, please specify the county or counties for which you want a copy of the entire list.



To request information by e-mail about these filings, click the icon.


 Click here to request information by email about PSD filings


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