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 West Virginia County Offices

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Rosters of county offices that share responsibility for administration of functions such as elections, service of process and UCC are provided on this site. Other county offices are listed, and where available, links are given to other sites which maintain the rosters and contact information for these offices.


County Commission

Roster of Commission Presidents and Contact Information

County Commissioners Association of West Virginia

County commissions consist of three members, except the Berkeley County Council and the Jefferson County Commission, each having five. The Commission has duties relating to county management, programs and services, county property and personnel, taxation, elections and other matters.

Other governing bodies are established by law to provide specific services. Some serve only one county, such as a Board of Health or a County Fire Board, while others cross county lines, such as Public Service Districts, Regional Development Authorities, Regional Airport Authority, and others. Contact the County Commission to obtain address and other contact information.

Clerk of the County Commission

Roster of County Clerks and Contact Information

The Clerk of the County Commission serves as secretary to the commission and maintains official records. The Clerk has additional duties relating to voter registration, elections, deeds, wills & estates, vitalrecords, UCC filings and other matters.

Clerk of the Circuit Court

Roster of Circuit Clerks and Contact Information

The Clerk of the Circuit Court primarily performs functions relating to the Court, including records of service of process. The Clerk also has duties relating to  elections and other matters.

Prosecuting Attorney

West Virginia Prosecuting Attorneys Institute (names)

The Prosecuting Attorney serves as state prosecutor for crimes committed within the county.  The Prosecutor also serves as legal counsel for county governmental bodies.

Counties on the Web

West Virginia Counties on the Web

Sheriff - The Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer within the county, and also has duties relating to tax collection and other matters.

Assessor - The Assessor is responsible for real and personal property tax appraisal within the county, and has duties relating to taxation and other matters.

Surveyor - A Surveyor may be elected but has no official duties and no salary. If the elected surveyor is licensed as a land surveyor, the County Commission may employ him or her to perform surveys. Many counties do not have surveyors currently in office.


Magistrates (names & telephone numbers by county)

Magistrates are judicial officers at the county level, and handle certain criminal matters and small claims.

Board of Education

WV Department of Education - Education Directory

The five-member county board of education supervises all public schools within the county. The also establish the levy rates for school purposes, and have duties in special bond and levy elections for schools.


Links to K-12 Schools on the Web

West Virginia Association of Counties