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Order Copies, Certifications and Services

Ordering Copies & Certifications of Documents

Copies:   Citizens may obtain copies of public documents filed with the Secretary of State.  The number of pages and the search requirements will determine the cost of your order.

Certifications:  On request, the Secretary of State will certify that the copies are true and correct copies of the documents on file.  Each certification is $10.

Making Your Request:  Visit the Copies and Certificates page of this web site for detailed information about the types of copies and certificates available and suggestions for making your order specific.


Charges for Copies and Certifications

(All copy charges are set by law or rule) 

Copies of rules, orders & documents from the Administrative Law Division
$2.00 plus $.20 per page up to 50 pages; $.10 per page over 50 pages
Copies of book format documents
$5.00 plus $.20 per page up to 50 pages; $.10 per page over 50 pages
Copies of most filings and documents
(Additional charge if an off-site search is required)
$1 for the first page and $.50 for each additional page



Copies of published lists and documents prepared in multiple copies for public distribution
$2.00 plus $.10 per page, rounded to nearest page
Certification of any document
$10 per certificate

Ordering Services

Visit the Online Order Center to make ordering easy when you need to order any of the following:

  • Certificates of Existence (domestic entities)
  • Certificates of Authorization (foreign entities)
  • Bulk Data Requests
  • Business Entity Search Lists