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 Acrobat Reader Help

New to Adobe Reader? Get Help Here.

What is it?

Adobe Reader is a free program which can be downloaded to your computer to allow you to view any file which is saved in Portable Document Format. Files in this format, known as "pdf" files, always have a file extension of .pdf after the file name. When you place your mouse over a link to a form or publication on this site, you will see the file name in the bottom bar of your browser window.

The Adobe program allows us to create forms that can be filled in on your screen.  It also allows forms and documents to be printed to a page exactly as they look on the screen page.  Regular web forms can't be printed as cleanly and different browsers will affect the layout.

Downloading the Adobe Reader

When you click on the Adobe icon at the right, you will reach the page on the Adobe website where you will make the selections for downloading. Depending on the speed of your connection, the download will take anywhere from a few minutes to about half an hour.

Yes, it can take a little time, but we think you will decide the time is well worth it. Thousands of sites use pdf documents to deliver information in a convenient, easy-to-print format. Once you have downloaded the Reader, you will be able to instantly open any pdf format file just by clicking on the link. The Reader will open automatically.

Tips for Using the Adobe Reader

Viewing:  First set the view that is comfortable for you using the zoom in + or zoom out - buttons on the toolbar. To move within the document:

  • Use the right scroll bar to move quickly through the pages;
  • Use the left or right arrow keys to move one page at a time, or click on the page arrows to go forward 4, backward 3, to the first page 9 or to the last page 8.

Searching:  The Adobe Reader has a binocular tool on the toolbar to help you find words or phrases in a document. Unless you click one of the other options, the search will find any place in the document where the letters you have entered in the search box occur. You may also use the key combination "CTRL-F" to bring up the "Find" function.

Filling In Forms: As you move the mouse over an activated form (one that has been prepared for on-screen fill-in), the pointer you see will change as you enter areas that have been prepared for you to type information or check a box.

  • I The open hand, is the pointer which appears in an area not activated for adding or editing text.
  • G The pointing hand, is the pointer which appears in a box where you can click to mark the box with a a checkmark.
  • The text positioning bar, is the pointer which appears in an area where you can type information.
  • Some forms have been prepared with pop-up information.  If you hold your mouse over a text area, and the pop-up has been created for that form, you will see instructions top help you understand what to enter in the text area.

Printing: Forms and documents can be printed by clicking File | Print as you would any other document.

Tip: if you are viewing a long document and only want to print a portion, check the page numbers at the bottom of the screen. Decide which page numbers you need, and specify the number or range of the pages on the print specifications screen.