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 Mock Election

     I wish to inform you of an excellent resource for hosting a class or school-wide Mock Election.  The Youth Leadership Initiative (YLI) at www.youthleadership.net hosts the largest K-12 student only Mock Election in America.  You may be familiar with YLI through their workshop/conference series from this past summer, or perhaps you have already signed up with their program. 

    All you need is one teacher to be registered from your school to participate, but your school can have as many teachers registered as you like.  You can register at any time before the end of the voting period and still be a part of the election using either online or paper ballots. Results for your school and West Virginia as a whole will be released.

    The standard ballot for West Virginia will include our U.S. Senate and U.S. House races, but you have the ability to include additional races and referenda through an easy ballot customization.  YLI also has a collection of over 100 civics and government lesson plans including election related subjects. Visit YLI at  www.youthleadership.net to learn all about their Mock Election and other civics and government activities and resources. I hope you will take this opportunity to help your students establish a habit of voting and civic participation.