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 Regular Absentee by Mail

1. Determine your eligibility:

Voters who cannot make it to the polls during Early Voting or Election Day may be eligible to vote an absentee ballot by mail. If you cannot make it to the polling place because of any of the reasons below, you may apply to your County Clerk for an absentee ballot.

  • I am attending school.
  • I am traveling outside of my county for business or personal reasons.
  • An injury, illness, physical disability, or advanced age prevents me from accessing my polling place.
  • I am incarcerated or serving home confinement for a misdemeanor, and I am legally registered to vote.
  • My work hours and distance from the county seat make voting in person impossible.
  • A work assignment requires me to temporarily live outside of my county (four years or less).
  • Service as an elected or appointed state or federal official requires me to temporarily live outside of my county.

Note: If you are a member of uniformed services, a spouse or dependent thereof, or an overseas voter, you should visit our Military and Overseas Voter's site to learn about your absentee voting opportunities.

2. Apply to your County Clerk:

You may apply to receive and absentee ballot starting the 84th day before an election, and your county clerk must receive your application by the sixth day before the election.

Application to Vote Absentee by Mail (PDF)
(you must complete this application by hand)

3. Vote your absentee ballot:

Your County Clerk will begin mailing ballots the 46th day before the election. Once you receive your absentee ballot from your County Clerk, vote and return it soon as possible. Unless you are a military or overseas voter, you must mail your ballot or return it to the County Clerk's office (no person may deliver more than two voters' absentee ballots).

Deadlines: Mailed ballots should be postmarked by Election Day and received by the start of canvass (five days after the election, excluding Sundays). Hand-delivered ballots must be received by the day before the election. You may download instructions for voting your ballot below.

Instructions for Voting a Paper Ballot by Mail (PDF)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Instructions for Voting an Optical Scan Ballot by Mail (PDF)

4. Track your ballot:

Click here to track your absentee ballot. Contact your County Clerk as soon as possible if you have any issues.


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