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 Filing as a Write-in Candidate

Deadline to file as a Write-in Candidate for
the General Election: September 20, 2016

If you seek to be elected to an office by write-in votes, you must become an official write-in candidate. You may file as a write-in candidate for any office which is to be filled in an election except delegate to national convention. If you do not file as an official write-in candidate, your votes will not count when people write your name for an office on the ballot. 

Rules and Procedures


Write-In Candidate Certificate of Announcement


The write-in candidate's completed certificate of announcement must be received (not postmarked) by the proper filing officer by the 49th day before the election at which the office is to be filled.

Where do I file?

Secretary of State: candidates for Federal offices, State Senate and House of Delegates, all judicial offices except magistrate, and those running for an office in more than one county.

County Clerk: candidates for an office which is entirely within one county

Municipal Recorder: candidates for a municipal office

Is there a filing fee?

A write-in candidate is not required to pay a filing fee.

How Will My Name Appear?

The names of all official write-in candidates are posted at all appropriate precincts during early voting and on Election Day. Per WV Code, official write-in candidate names are not printed on the ballot.


For more information, see our Candidates and Voters Guide to Write-In Filing and Voting Procedures (PDF) and view the video below.

 WV Code §3-6-4a


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