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 Recognized Political Parties in WV

In West Virginia, a group of citizens may gain party recognition by having a candidate for governor attain 1% of the total votes cast for governor in the most recent election. Recognized political parties may nominate candidates for the general election in the primary election or by convention. Everyone else may only appear on the general election ballot by collecting signatures. Recognized political parties also elect people to form executive committees. The parties listed below are the major, recognized political parties in West Virginia.

Democratic Party

State Chair: Belinda Biafore 
Executive Director: Curt Zickafoose
Headquarters: 717 Lee Street, Suite 214, Charleston, WV 25301
Phone: (304) 342-6606


Republican Party

State Chair: Melody Potter
Headquarters: P.O. Box 2711, Charleston, WV 25330
Phone: (304) 768-0493


Mountain Party

State Chair: Jesse Johnson
Vice-Chair: Travis Booth
Headquarters: 121 Village Green Road, Salem WV 26426
Phone: (304) 989-1629


Libertarian Party

Chairman: Michael S. Wilson
Executive Director: David Moran (Vice-Chair)
Headquarters: P.O. Box 135 Jane Lew, WV 26378
Phone: (855) 687-5798