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 Polling Place Accessibility

Make Polling Places Accessible

The Help America Vote Act (HAVA) seeks to make polling places accessible to all voters, including individuals with disabilities. County Commissions may apply for HAVA ADA grants for making their polling places more accessible, training poll workers on assisting voters with disabilities, and providing outreach to individuals with disabilities.

Applying for HAVA ADA Grants

Below you will find materials to help you evaluate the accessibility of your polling place as well as the applications for HAVA ADA grants.

  ADA Checklist for Polling Places
   Making Polling Places Accessible
   HAVA Federal Grant Disbursement Form for Polling Places
   HAVA Federal Grant Disbursement Form

Submit your form to the Secretary of State's Offices. In order to be approved for a HAVA ADA grant, you must include the following documents along with your application:

  • A proposal letter describing your project and how it will help improve voter accessibility
  • An estimate of cost for the project from a vendor
  • If you are applying for funds for polling place accessibility, photographs of the parts of the polling place which you are making accessible


Project Completion

Once your project is complete, you must submit the relevant project completion statement below to the Secretary of State’s Office. 

  Grant Disbursement Completion Form for Polling Places
  Grant Disbursement Completion Form
You must include the following documents along with your project completion statement: 
  • A copy of the invoice from the project's vendor
  • If your project was to improve polling place accessibility, photographs of the completed project