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 Political Sign Placement

Division of Highways Rules for the Placement of Political Signs

Courtesy of the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office

Please keep the following rules in mind when displaying campaign materials:

Signs or posters cannot be placed on or above a Division of Highways right of way, which normally stretches 20 feet from the center line of a public road. Distances do vary, however, so please contact the West Virginia Division of Highways if you are uncertain (304) 558-3505.

Signs or posters near rights of way must comply with outdoor advertising statute in Chapter 17, Article 19, Section 1 of the West Virginia Code, and must also conform to any municipal ordinances regulating outdoor advertising.

Signs or posters cannot be placed on Division of Highways traffic control signs nor block such signs, and cannot obscure the view of any connecting road or intersection.

Signs or posters cannot be placed on elements in nature, such as rocks or trees.

Avoid placing materials on fence posts, utility poles, or other stationary objects on private property without consent of the property owners.

Political overhead banners cannot be erected over any county, state, or federal highway.