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 Motor Voter Information

The Motor Voter program is integral in offering West Virginia citizens the opportunity to register to vote. The federally created program requires all Motor Vehicle offices and offices that offer financial assistance to citizens to provide them with the appropriate forms to allow an efficient voter registration process. Currently there are over 600 locations statewide taking part in this program.

The Division of Motor Vehicles, Department of Health and Human Resources, Department of Public Safety, colleges and universities, and military recruitment stations all participate in the program. Within each agency there are a number of divisions that work directly with the public and offer voter registration opportunities in conjunction with other services they provide.

During 2010, over 45,000 forms were processed though the Motor Voter Program. This includes new registrants, address changes, name changes, and other updates to voter registration records. Once processed by Secretary of State employees, each card is forwarded to the appropriate county clerk to be added to the official Statewide Voter Registrations System (SVRS).

Motor Voter Guide 2015 (PDF)

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