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West Virginia Districts

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Judicial Districts





Use the above links to navigate through the various political and judicial districts that exist in West Virginia.  These dedicated pages contain maps, numbers of representatives/judges for each district, the counties/areas that exist within each district, and the WV laws that guide district administration.

According to the U.S. and W.Va. Constitutions, federal and state legislative districts are realigned every ten years during the year following the U.S. census. Redistricting is done by the West Virginia Legislature. The new plan was adopted at a special session in 2011. The new district detail is now available.

Judicial circuits and family court circuits are aligned based on factors including both population and caseload, and those circuits are realigned whenever the Legislature finds it necessary.

Magisterial districts are realigned every ten years, following the U. S. census. County executive committee members for the political parties are elected from these districts, and this alignment also affects the election of county commission members and board of education members.

When statewide redistricting is done, the total population of the state is divided by the number of persons elected to a legislative body to determine the ideal population per seat. Redistricting is not done based on the number of registered voters or eligible voters, but is done based on all citizens counted in the census.