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 Notary Public Practices and Procedures

Proper Practice: Protect Them, Protect Yourself

A notary holds an important public office and public trust. The notary serves the citizen or business by insuring the validity of signatures on documents and transactions. At the same time, the notary protects his or her own interests by avoiding liability for a financial loss which might result from improper practice.


Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our Notary Public Practice FAQ to find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about notary practice.


Using the Notary Public Handbook

The Notary Public Handbook is a printed publication provided to each notary at the time the commission is issued. It is intended as a guide for all West Virginia notaries.

Notary Handbook

The handbook includes both the rules for practice and the standard acceptable acknowledgement and oath forms used for most documents.

Often, a notary will be presented with a document already prepared with an acknowledgement or oath form typed for the notary to simply fill out and sign. But if the proper form has not been provided on the document, it is the notary's duty to add text of the acknowledgement or oath.

Download the Notary Handbook online using the Acrobat Reader. If you have not used the reader before or do not have the most current version of the reader installed, go to Acrobat Reader Help for more information.