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 Notary Public Forms and Fees

Filing Form Number Fee
  • Application for Appointment as a Notary Public
N-1 $52*
  • Secretary of State Notary Public Surety Bond
N-SB1 No Fee
  • Irrevocable Letter of Credit (Self-Insured) Surety Bond
N-SB2 No Fee
  • Certification of Insurance Coverage¬†for Notary Public
CIC No Fee
  • Application for E-Notarization Authorization
N-2 No Fee
  • Name and/or Address Change
N-3 No Fee
  • Recording Lost or Stolen Seal
N-4 No Fee
  • Notary Public Resignation
N-5 No Fee
*$52 fee is waived for state and local government notaries. However, to have the fee waived, a letter from the head of your state or local governement office certifying that the application is made for the purpose of the government office must be included with your application. Federal employees are not eligible.