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 Making Changes in Your Current Notary Commission

Address Changes

If you move (or change employment) and can no longer be reached at the address listed on your rubber stamp seal, you must file a change of address. Take these steps:

  • Order a new rubber stamp seal with your new address and your current expiration date.
  • Write a letter requesting that your address be changed.
  • Mail that request to the Secretary of State.


Name Changes
If you change your legal name through marriage or by court action, you must file the name change through the Secretary of State. Complete Form N-3 to change your legal name. There is NO FEE to file a name change.

  • Order a new rubber stamp seal with your new name and your current expiration date.
    • Write a letter within thirty (30) days after change of name notifying the Secretary of State of the name change (per §39-4-22 of the West Virginia Code).
    • While you are waiting for the change to be processed, sign notarizations using your new name, and write under your signature "Commissioned as" and your old name. Continue to use your old stamp until the new one is approved, then destroy the old stamp.


Name & Address Changes

You may change both name and address with a single filing.  Follow the steps outlined above for each change requested by completing Form N-3. There is NO FEE to file the name and/or address changes.


If you leave West Virginia, or otherwise decide to resign your commission, you must resign in writing and disable the stamping device by destroying, defacing, damaging, erasing or securing it against use in a manner that renders it unusable [per West Virginia Code §39-4-18(a)]. Complete Form N-4. There is NO FEE to file the resignation.

Reporting a Lost or Stolen Stamping Device
If your stamping device is lost or stolen, the notary public or the notary public's personal representative or guardian shall notify promptly the Secretary of State on discovering the device is lost or stolen [per West Virginia Code §39-4-18(b)]. Complete Form N-5. There is NO FEE to report a lost or stolen stamping device.