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 Purchasers of Future Payments

In 1999, Senate Bill 18 established registration requirements for persons or companies which conduct the business of buying the rights of individuals to future payments from an annuity, settlement, lottery winnings, sweepstakes payoff or other future payment arrangement.

The person or company who purchases these payment rights becomes the "transferee."  To register, file a Registration of Purchasers of Future Payments statement (Form PFP) with the Secretary of State containing the information listed below. The registration fee is $50.

  • The name and address of the transferee.
  • The name and address of the transferee's agent for service of process within the state, or, if no agent registered in this state, the name and address of the transferee's agent for service of process within the organization's home state; and
  • A full and complete disclosure of any prior or pending litigation involving alleged violations of this article's provisions or consumer complaints filed with the attorney general's office of this state that allege violations of this article's provisions, or a notarized statement that there has been no such litigation or unresolved complaint relating to the operations of the transferee.

This Registration of Purchasers of Future Payments is in addition to the business registration requirements. See the Business Division for information on that registration.

To access the law on Purchasers of Future Payments, go to WV Code Chapter 46A Article 6H.