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 Exemptions for Security Guards

Regardless of whether you intend to apply for an individual or firm license, as a security guard, there nine basic requirements which apply to all applicants. For a firm license, these basic requirements apply to all officers, member or partners, and all employees who will conduct the security guard business.

What is the "security guard" business?

You are conducting the security guard business if you are furnishing for hire, reward or remuneration (any thing of value) services to:

  • protect a person;
  • protect real or personal property;
  • prevent theft or concealment of any thing of value; or
  • furnish guard dogs or armored motor vehicle security services in connection with protecting persons or property.

SPECIAL NOTICE: "For hire" includes any arrangement, with or without pay, for which a person or firm provides this service on the request of another person.

What is the difference between an individual license and a firm license for security guards?

If you provide security guard services on your own with no employees assisting you, you may operate under an individual security guard license.

If you allow others to assist in providing security guard services or accompany you while you are providing services, you are required to obtain a security guard firm license.

Who is exempt from obtaining an individual security guard license?

An individual is exempt from the requirements to be licensed if he or she is:

  • employed exclusively and regularly by only one employer in connection with that employer's affairs; or
  • employed by one or more licensed security guard firms.

This exemption does not apply to a security guard business