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 Registration Steps

Step 1

Review the FAQs about registration.   

Charity FAQ 

These summaries will help clarify whether your organization is required to register in West Virginia.   

Fundraiser FAQ 

Step 2

Download the application form using Acrobat Reader.   

                           Charity Form 

If you have never used the Reader or would like tips for filling out the form, go to Acrobat Reader Help.   

                           Fundraiser Form 

Step 3

Complete ALL sections of the form and attach the required documents.  Follow the instructions carefully to avoid delays.


Unless your organization is just starting and has not solicited anywhere before, be sure to complete all the financial information from your records, not from estimates.

  • Be sure to attach Form 990 if your organization has raised over $25,000 in the preceding year.
  • Be sure to attach a statement of financial review conducted by an independent certified public accountant if your organization has raised more than $200,000 but less than $500,000. If your organization has raised $500,000 or more (not including grants from governmental agencies or private foundations), an audit by an independent certified public accountant is required.

Fundraisers and Fund-raising Counsel:

  • Be sure to attach copies of your contracts or agreements with charities soliciting in West Virginia.
  • Be sure to attach your bond, completed correctly according to the instructions. 

Step 4

Go to Form and Fees for the applicable fees, then make your check  payable to "West Virginia Secretary of State."


Step 5

Mail your registration and payment to:

West Virginia Secretary of State
Charities Division

One Stop Business Center
1615 East Washington Street
Charleston, WV 25311