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 Exemptions to Rule-Making Requirements

The law provides several exemptions to this rule-making procedure. Among these exemptions are:


  • Board of Probation & Parole
  • Public Service Commission
  • Board of Public Works
  • Secondary Schools Activities Commission


Need only file the final rule and set the effective date at least 60 days after filing with the Administrative Law Division.
  • Workers' Compensation Fund
  • State Board of Education
Need to file their rules for public hearing or public comment at least 30 days after it is filed in this office, and then after the comment period ends, final file the rule with the effective date at least 30 days after it is filed with this office.

Rules related to:

  • conduct of inmates or other persons admitted to public institutions
  • open seasons and the bag, creel, size, age, weight and sex limits with respect in the wildlife in this state
  • conduct of persons in military service
  • receipt of public assistance

These rules only need to be filed in the state register and are effective upon filing.