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 Guide for Using the Rule Monitor in the State Register

Column 1.

Agency Name, (Title and Series Number)
Column 2. Rule Title, Price and Type
Column 3. Date Notice of Public Hearing or Comment Period Filed
Column 4. Date of Public Hearing or Last Date Comments Will Be Received
Column 5. Date Emergency Rule Filed, Emergency Amendments Filed, Emergency Rule Decision (ERD) Number & Date ERD Filed (Effective Date of Emergency Rule)
Column 6. Date Agency Approved Legislative Rules Filed
Column 7. Date Review by the Legislative Rule-Making Review Committee & Action Taken **Please Note** The Board of Education, Board of Trustees & Board of Directors File Their Rules With the Educational Over-Sight Committee.
Column 8. Legislative Action
Column 9. Date Agency Final Files Legislative, Procedural or Interpretive Rules. This is the Final Step for Procedural & Interpretive Rules.
Column 10. Date Rule is Effective 
Titles followed by an asterisk (**) indicate that the rule is in effect as an emergency.
Emergency rules will not have a "Notice" date until the agency files one but the rule will appear in Columns 1, 2 & 5. An Agency must file for either a public hearing or public comment period either before filing as an emergency or no more than 30 days after filing the rule as an emergency.
If more than one date appears in a column, it means the agency has repeated that step (ex. - holding an additional public hearing).
If a particular step is not required by law for a particular rule, the "N/A" will appear in the excluded step column.
Once a rule becomes effective & the effective date appears in Column 10, the rule will be removed from the monitor after the rule is distributed in the loose leaf version of the Code of State Rules.