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 Official Opinions, Orders & Decisions

The Administrative Law Division is the official repository of executive agency orders, opinions and decisions. When an official copy of such a document is required for a legal action or other purpose, the copy should come from this official filing. See Ordering Copies for information about obtaining copies or certified copies of these documents.

Executive Orders

Orders issued by the Governor are filed both for archival purposes and for notice in the State Register with the Secretary of State. See our Executive Records section for more information about Executive Orders.

Agency Orders

From time to time, an agency head may issue an order which is filed for publication in the State Register. Not every agency order is filed with the Secretary of State.

Attorney General Opinions

Most often, advice of the Attorney General is provided as client-advice and is not considered an official opinion. However, when an official opinion is issued, it is filed for publication in the State Register. Official opinions are not considered to have the force of law in the same way as a court opinion, but weight is given to these opinions when other official interpretation is lacking. Visit the website of the Attorney General for more information.

Ethics Opinions

The West Virginia Ethics Commission, created by the Legislature in 1989 to implement a code of conduct for public officials, is empowered by law to issue official advisory opinions on matters of ethical conduct under the law, and on the application of the Open Governmental Proceedings Act. Those opinions are filed for publication in the State Register. For more information, visit the website of the Ethics Commission.

Grievance Decisions

The West Virginia Grievance Board was created in 1985 to resolve employment problems and disputes between employees and county boards of education, higher education institutions and state agencies. The board conducts hearings on grievances which reach that level, and issues official opinions. Official copies of those opinions are available from the Secretary of State, and the text of the opinions can be accessed online at the website of the West Virginia Grievance Board.