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 Secretary Warner Encourages West Virginian’s to Respond to Postcards Sent to Verify Voter Registration Accuracy

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Secretary of State Mac Warner announced today that some West Virginia registered voters might receive a “confirmation card” in the mail to confirm or update the address at which they are registered to vote.

The voters who will be mailed confirmation cards were identified as individuals who have registered an address change with the United States Postal Service’s National Change of Address (NCOA) service and who have not otherwise updated their voter registration.

W.Va. Code § 3-2-25 requires the Secretary of State compare the NCOA list with the Statewide Voter Registration System database to identify potential outdated registrations. The Secretary of State’s Office then forwards the results to each of the 55 county clerks who then review their county’s list and mail the confirmation cards.

The NCOA list was provided to the 55 county clerks in November, and the confirmation cards will all be in the mail by December 31, 2017. Voters who receive a confirmation card need to return them by February 1, 2018, to ensure there is no change in status of their registration. If a card is not returned (or is returned “undeliverable”), the voter’s registration status is marked “inactive.”

It is important to note that an inactive voter has all the same rights as an active voter (i.e. they will be in the poll book, may cast a ballot in any election, and will not have to vote provisional so long as they satisfy the requirements). An inactive status merely indicates a voter registration is subject to cancellation if the voter does not vote in any election or update her or his registration during the next two federal election cycles.

“While any change in status due to NCOA confirmation postcards will not in any way preclude you from participation in the upcoming 2018 elections, it is important for everyone who receives the postcards to take their civic duty seriously and return the postcard to the county clerk or go online and update their voter registration,” Secretary Warner said.

Voters who move must update their voter registration to ensure they are properly registered for the upcoming 2018 elections. Voters can update their information online via the Secretary of State’s Online Voter Registration Portal, which can be found at

Secretary Warner is hopeful that all registered voters will check their registration status and polling location before the upcoming elections.

“I encourage all of our voters to go online and take just a few minutes to review their registration information to confirm their party affiliation, polling location and registration status are up to date,” Secretary Warner said.

Registration information for all registered voters can be found on the Secretary of State website at


Steven Allen Adams - Assistant Communications Director