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 West Virginians Cast Their Vote on the Road Bond Amendment Saturday

West Virginians have made their voices heard and voted for or against the constitutional amendment to allow the issuance of road bonds.

According to unofficial results from the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office, unofficial vote totals as of election night stand at 87,751 for the amendment and 37,759 against the amendment, or 73 percent to 27 percent. Unofficial turnout for the special election is 10.94 percent of the 1,222,562 voters who were registered by the Sept. 18th deadline.

“Today, the people of West Virginia let their voice be known in voting for or against passage of this amendment,” Warner said. “Low turnout on this important issue to West Virginia is disappointing, but we express our thanks to those registered voters who came out today and during early voting, as well as those who sent in absentee ballots.”

“Our hard working county clerks across the state deserve thanks for making this election run on short notice. Our 55 county clerks and their staffs should be applauded for organizing and managing this special election.”

Official election results will be released after canvassing is completed. Canvassing will be held by each county beginning on Friday, October 13th. During canvassing the provisional ballots, absentee ballots mailed before but received after election day, and any other ballot issues will be considered for inclusion to these results.

Unofficial results by county are available online on our Election Night Reporting page (link).

Link: Unofficial Election Results


Steven Allen Adams - Assistant Communications Director