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 Secretary Warner Pleased with President Trump’s Appointment of Wood County Clerk Rhodes to National Election Integrity Task Force

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - On Wednesday, President Donald Trump announced three additional appointments to the President’s task force to promote fair and honest elections. One of those appointments to the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity is Wood County Clerk Mark Rhodes, a Democrat who has served as county clerk since 2014.

West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner strongly recommended Rhodes for this position, citing Rhodes’ experience as a hands-on clerk who runs elections at the ground level.

“With Clerk Mark Rhodes, President Trump has selected one of the most dedicated local elections officials in the entire country,” Warner said. “Having first won his elected position by a mere five votes, Mark Rhodes knows the importance of every vote, and he fights for election integrity at every step in the process.”

Luis Borunda, a Republican and the Deputy Secretary of State in Maryland, and David K. Dunn, a Democrat and a former member of the Arkansas legislature, were also nominated on Wednesday.

Warner noted that it is quite an honor for a small state like West Virginia to have a member on this 15-person Commission. “Mark Rhodes will insure that local county clerks all across America will have a strong, competent voice on this very important Commission,” Warner continued. “There are 3,144 counties in the United States, and Wood County can be used as an example of how to combine a small budget and hard work to conduct fair and accurate elections.”

Regarding the appointment, Rhodes said, “In West Virginia, voter registration accessibility and accuracy is paramount for local elections officials, and I am enthused to bring West Virginia’s perspective to the national stage.” Rhodes continued, “As a County Clerk working at the local level, I’m proud to represent West Virginia and the nation’s local election officials to ensure election integrity.”

When referring to over 1,100 invalid names Rhodes has removed from his county’s voter rolls since February, Rhodes said, “Using the tools provided by Secretary of State Warner, I was able to do in 10 minutes what it would have taken me 3 weeks to do before.” Rhodes cited the tools and technology now being provided by the Secretary of State’s office to assist clerks in their roll maintenance.

President Trump established the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity by Executive Order on May 11th. Click here to read the May 11th press release from the White House.

Vice President Mike Pence will serve as the Chairman. Kansas Secretary of State Chris Kobach was appointed to serve as vice chairman. The commission also includes Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson (R), New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner (D), Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap (D), former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell (R), and Commissioner of the Election Assistance Commission Christy McCormick.

Wood County Clerk Mark Rhodes


Steven Allen Adams - Assistant Communications Director