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 Warner confirms 1,222,967 residents are eligible to vote in Special Election

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Since taking office on January 16th, Secretary of State Mac Warner has worked closely with all 55 county clerks to clean up the state’s voter registration list.

In addition to cleaning up voter rolls, there have been 28,812 new citizens registered to vote since Warner took office (attachment).

“We made a commitment early in my administration that we would work with our county clerks to not only clean up our voter registration lists, but we would actively encourage people to register to vote. We’ve been very successful in both efforts,” Warner said.

According to a report that the Secretary of State's Election Division prepared Thursday for the start of early voting for the upcoming special election, there are now 1,222,967 citizens registered to vote.

Early voting for the October 7th special election started on Friday, Sept. 22nd and runs through Wednesday, Oct. 4th. Early voting is available in every county during regular business hours. On Saturday, early voting is available in every county from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

While most early voting takes place in the county courthouse, some counties offer early voting in locations outside of the courthouse. Secretary Warner encourages citizens to contact their county clerk to be sure of the polling location for early voting (link).

In the first two days of the early voting period (last Friday and Saturday), nearly 5,000 citizens voted.

Attachment: List of New Registrations and Cancellations as of Sept. 22, 2017

Link: Contact Information for County Clerks


Steven Allen Adams - Assistant Communications Director